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Where to Swim & Splash Around Billings This Summer

June 21, 2022Mary Pust

With the summer heat quickly approaching, this is your one stop shop for all things water around the Billings area. Just keep an extra pair of dry clothes and a towel in your car for the unexpected splash party.

Water Parks:

  • Rose Park (1707 21st St W, Billings, MT 59102). This is a great pool for all ages. They have a large pool to swim laps and a small section with some splash toys for the kids. Lessons in the morning. Open to public at 12pm. Click for prices.
  • Oasis (543 Aronson Ave, Billings, MT 59105). This summer time gem in the heights is great for the kids. They have sections for all ages of children. No large pool for laps but they do have a lazy river, wake pool, water slides, small water court and more. 3 and under is FREE. Lessons in the morning/evening. Open to the public at 12pm. Click for more information

Wading Pools: These small pools are a great space to just sit in the water and cool off. As of right now they are closed for the season. Click link to follow along and watch to see if they open up.

Splash Pads: These splash pads are AMAZING and free during the summer months. All you need is some sunscreen, a towel and maybe some extra buckets or cups for littles ones to stay busy. The water runs from 10am-8pm. Each park has a small button to help control when to turn water on.

  • Terry Park - 5th & Terry. Small but great. NEW PLAYGROUND and fire station all in the same block
  • Castle Rock - Heights. Lots to play with. Surrounded by large park.
  • North Park - Downtown. Not a ton to play with but it will cool you off when needed.
  • South Park - Fenced in!
  • Highland Park - Honestly, never been.

Lake Elmo: This is a great public beach. It's a beach in Montana so don't get TOO excited about sand castles, but a bucket and shovels are always a good idea. You can swim, kayak, paddle board or fish. The lake is full but they are still under construction with a few trails around the area. We can't wait for this project to be finished.

Let us know what your favorite spot is! Our group likes to explore the area and hopes to hit ALL of these parks by the end of summer. Check out our schedule and get your first class or village event FREE.

Happy Summer!

<3 Mary