Prenatal Fitness Classes


Knowing whether you have Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA) is a valuable piece of the puzzle - especially as you embark on a postpartum fitness journey.

Diastsis Recti Abdominus (DRA) is a separation of the abdominal wall. We have a line of connective tissue, the "Linea Alba" that goes down the center of our body, separating the muscle bellies of our rectus abdominis (the 6-pack muscle). "Diastasis" literally means separation, with "Recti" referring to the rectus abdominis.

If the abdominal wall grows (e.g. when growing a baby) it can cause DRA. This is a normal physiological chance and increases with subsequent babies, large babies, twins, or genetic predispositions. We cannot prevent it, but we can limit the excess pressure and therefore the possible stretching of the Linea Alba and incorporate safe and progressive movements to help you through pregnancy and beyond. Have no fear, this is a fixable adaptation.

Were you checked for DRA at your 6-week follow up? Psssttt - most providers will only do this if you ask, and even still, don't perform it totally correct. No worries, it can takes months for your body to fully recover and approx 30% of women will still have separation even 1 year postpartum. It's not just about the gap, it is also about the tension. If you feel like something is still off (low back pain, painful intercourse, feeling of something falling out, belly bulge, etc) we highly encourage you to visit a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. They can perform a thorough exam and help you with your postpartum journey!

The good news is, our FIT4MOM instructors know how to modify your core work and can help you strengthen your core from the inside out. We offer loads of options so every mom at class can leave feeling strong and empowered.

Try a class for free and train safely with us. We got you mama!

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