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Favorite Indoor Locations for Children in the Billings Area

February 22, 2022 6amMary Pust

We love living in Montana for the outdoor lifestyle BUT, we also know that winter is a pretty long season and you need to get out of the house with your little ones. Here is a list of our top 5 spots in town to take the kiddos.

1) The Art of Play: This is a Montessori based area for kids as little as infants/toddlers and up to the age of 4 or 5. They have a variety of toys, play structures and imaginative stations for the kids to get creative. They even have COFFEE!! Check them out HERE

2) Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Center: This is another GREAT spot for the kiddos. More for ages 2 and up. They have a variety of play structures and stations for the kids to learn all about science and use their senses. They also have a coffee shop attached so you can relax...... a little. Check them out HERE

3) Toddler Time at Get Air: If you have a toddler who really needs to get some energy out, we highly recommend going to Get Air, the local Trampoline park on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. They have toddler time from 10am-12pm and only allow small children to play at that time. They also have sensory Saturdays for children who have trouble with over-stimulation during the regular hours. This is a recurring playgroup for our FIT4MOM Village and the kids love it! Check it out HERE

4) The Public Library: This is a FREE spot for you to take the kiddos any time, but we really like their story times as well. They have story times throughout the week for toddlers all the way up to groups for teens. You can check out their children's section HERE

5) Monkey Around: This is a newer spot on 24th street that is full of inflatable fun! Let the kids jump around or play with some toys scattered around the area. This is also a great spot for birthday parties. Check them out HERE

Join our village and try out all these local gems and more in OUR VILLAGE playgroups and events. This is a FREE social group for moms in the area to connect. Check out our latest events calendar HERE.