Best Stroller Friendly Trails to Run in Billings

Mary Pust

So you've just had a baby or bought a jogging stroller, your body is feeling good and you want to hit the pavement! Make your jog easier by avoiding busy streets, curbs, sidewalks and large crowds with this list of our favorite spots in town to run.

1) Heritage Running Trail: Heights. This trail is paved, pretty flat and a great place to walk/run with your stroller. Park at the top off of Mary street or down by two moon park. It stretches all the way down to the river, but we recommend not running down there without a group or spouse.

2) Swords Park: Rims. This is a beautiful trail to run on the top of the rims! Just know that it has significant elevation changes and depending on the wind, can be a struggle.

3) Tree Streets: Downtown. While this isn't a "trail" we love running up and down these beautiful streets. Stay on the side streets to avoid traffic and just run in the middle of the road. Our favorite road to run down is Clark but the streets around Pioneer park are great too. Fun Fact: 1 lap around Pioneer park's trail is 1 mile.

4) Shiloh Trail: West End. This is a paved trail that stretches all the way down from Rimrock to the Shiloh Conservation area across from Scheels. (That's another great and separate place to run on its own). Just know going north is all up hill, but the downhill back is great.

5) Alkali Creek Trail: Heights. This is an extension/connection of both Swords park and the Heritage trail. It runs parallel with Alkali Creek Rd and takes you all the way down to Senators. We like to park at Starbucks on Main and walk over to the trailhead on our Run Club Meetups.

Find other active moms and run with FIT4MOM Billings during the warmer months. We start/finish at a place to grab coffee and have routes for all fitness levels. This is a FREE run club for moms to meet up; with or without their kids. Learn more HERE.