5 Breakfast Options For Moms On The Run

When getting kids ready for school, pumping/nursing, taking care of animals and trying to look like a functioning adult, the first things moms drop out of their routine is breakfast. When in fact, moms more than anyone need that food to sustain them for the activities to follow. Food is fuel. Food is what the body breaks down into energy for us to burn off physically and mentally. Without proper nutrition we see those nasty side effects like burnout, low energy, short temper, lack of focus, body aches and more.

These are some of our favorite tips at FIT4MOM to share with our busy moms to make sure they take care of themselves.

1) Prep your breakfast the day/night before. Try THIS egg muffin recipe. All you have to do it grab it out of the fridge and warm up for 30 seconds or eat it cold. YUM!

2) Use your blender!! Shakes and smoothies are a great way to quickly get some calories in your system. We encourage you to add some protein, fats, and fruits/veggies. Try THIS sweet potato Protein Smoothie

3) Eat Alone! That's right. Wake up early and make yourself breakfast or get everyone ready and spend the last 5 minutes before you leave eating food. Avoid distractions when able and focus on eating.

4) Make your kids extra! Instead of making multiple breakfast options, make one big breakfast and eat whatever your child leaves behind. This will also help your child eat more diverse foods and insure they have a well-balanced meal as well.

5) Give yourself grace. A bowl of cereal or some granola bars in the car are sometimes necessary. You don't have to make the perfect breakfast every single day, but you do need to feed yourself!

We hope these tips help you start your day with success.